980 Ventures Acquires PICLIF

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February 16 , 2018 |

980 Ventures Acquires PICLIF

PITTSBURGH, PA – February 15th, 2018 – PICLIF announces that 980 Ventures has acquired a majority stake in PICLIF, a software leader in funeral home memorial videos, for an undisclosed amount.

PICLIF was founded in 2016 and currently services hundreds of funeral homes around the world. PICLIF offers a mobile app and website that allows funeral homes and families to easily create memorial videos to be shared and played during the funeral service.

“PICLIF was created to help families remember their loved ones and to help Funeral Homes simplify a traditionally cumbersome and expensive service.”, said Michael Stafiej, Founder and former CEO of PICLIF. “We’re excited that 980 Ventures shares our vision and will continue to innovate and expand PICLIF’s presence in funeral homes around the world.”.

Skip Smith, former Chairman of the Board for PICLIF, said,”980 Ventures is the right partner to drive the future expansion of PICLIF, and we are excited about the opportunities ahead for the team and the business.”.

PICLIF, LLC, based in Pittsburgh, PA, is a leading provider of funeral home memorial video software. PICLIF provides funeral homes the ability to allow families to easily create memorial videos that can be seen on any device and during the funeral service. To learn more information about PICLIF visit www.piclif.com