Taking Cemeteries Back to Their Roots

  Since I have started working in the Death Care Industry, every time I head home to visit my grandmother I hear the same story; a story about when she was young and how her and her family would go

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PICLIF TechVibe Radio Interview

PICLIF founder Mike Stafiej was a guest on Pittsburgh’s TechVibe Radio, speaking about how PICLIF is innovating the death card industry. Hear Mike discuss how the product works, who it helps, and the inspiration behind the product! Hear the PICLIF

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Technology and the Death Care Industry

  Our society is advancing technology at an amazing pace. These advances cause big shifts in the way we do things: Cell phones vs. landlines, Laptop vs. Desktop computers, Televisions vs. Radio. However, when looking at the Death Care industry

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Cremation Isn’t The Final Decision

There is a great misconception in our society about the choice of Cremation. We have allowed Cremation to become synonymous with “Final Disposition”, when in all actuality Cremation is merely a preparation of the body; not dissimilar to embalming. The

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February 27 , 2017 |

PICLIF at the 2017 ICCFA Convention (April 5 – April 8)

PICLIF will be exhibiting at the 2017 Annual ICCFA Convention and Expo in Nashville, TN. The expo will be held April 5th – 8th. Stop by and visit PICLIF at Booth #610. For more information about the expo please visit .

February 5 , 2017 |

PICLIF Integrates with Wallgreens

“Our integration with Walgreens allows friends, family, and funeral service attendees to print pictures to Walgreens and keep them forever,” said Mike Stafiej, Founder and President of PICLIF. “[PICLIF] chose to integrate with Walgreens for picture printing because of the

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