We Created PICLIF For A Reason
We’ve all lost someone we love. We are dedicated to celebrating our loved ones.

We’re Committed To Remembering & Celebrating The Lives of Loved Ones

We believe that every memory of our loved ones should be remembered forever. Our mission is to allow friends and families to easily bring together every great memory that has ever existed of their loved ones.

All of our efforts are aimed at creating a simple, but meaningful, experience for our users, allowing them to forever cherish every special moment that has been added to PICLIF.

Our Story

Product Overview

Our Leadership

The leadership team at PICLIF understands and focuses on the fact that we have two customers: families and funeral homes. We’ve dedicated countless hours and resources to ensuring that we continue to build a product that helps funeral homes offer the best service possible for the clients, and helps friends and family  remember every special moment of their loved ones.

Mike Stafiej

An experienced technology and business professional that is focused on helping families remember their loved ones.

Chelsea Stragand
Vice President

A veteran industry professional that has helped hundreds of funeral homes improve their businesses and services.

Skip Smith
Chairman of The Board

An experienced leader in developing and delivering successful technology solutions.

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We’re happy to show you how PICLIF works, how you can easily get started using PICLIF at your funeral home, and discussing the value that we can bring your business, clients, and attendees.