Celebrate Their Life. Tell Their Story.

Bring Together Every Memory

PICLIF is offered by your local funeral home and helps you and your family bring together ever special memory of your loved one, instantly creating a memorial video to play at the funeral service. If your funeral home doesn’t currently use PICLIF, we’d be happy to reach out to your funeral home and set them up to use PICLIF for your loved one.

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Use PICLIF For Your Loved One

Simply let us know what funeral home you are using and we will contact them to make sure they are able to play the memorial video of your loved one at the funeral service.

Bring Together Every Memory

Build a life story of pictures and memories from friends and family of your loved one

PICLIF - Mobile App to Bring Together Pictures for Funeral Home and Funeral Services

Amazing Memories. Beautiful Memorial Video.

PICLIF automatically creates a beautiful memorial video to play at the funeral service.

Create and Play a Funeral Service Slideshow with PICLIF for Funeral Homes

Every Memory, Kept Forever

Keep memories of your loved one with you at all times

Save Your Favorite Pictures From The Funeral Service With PICLIF - The Funeral Home Memory App

Print Pictures With Our Trusted Partner

Print and pickup pictures at your local Walgreens.

Print Pictures from the Funeral Service with PICLIF and our Print To Walgreens feature

Easy for everyone to use. Easy for everyone to enjoy. 

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Upload pictures from the PICLIF app or app.piclif.com

The family can approve the pictures & memories. Everyone can share with other.

Play the memories at the viewing, view them in the app, or print them!


How PICLIF Works

PICLIF partners directly with Funeral Homes, allowing the funeral home to set up their clients to use PICLIF for their loved ones. We’ve designed the process to be as simple as possible, requiring only a few minutes of time from the funeral home and giving the family control over what content is added to PICLIF. We support the funeral home and their clients directly, doing anything we can to ensure a great experience while using our product.

Your funeral home must have a PICLIF license for you to use PICLIF. Speak to your local funeral home to see if they offer PICLIF. If they have never used PICLIF before then we would be happy to let them use it one time for free so that you can bring together memories of your loved one. Please contact us for more information.

Any funeral home with a PICLIF account can create a loved one in PICLIF. If you’re a family that would like to use PICLIF for a loved one please contact us.

The PICLIF app and website are free for anyone to use to view loved ones and to add memories. You can download PICLIF from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Yes. We’ve partnered with Walgreens to allow you to easily print pictures for delivery or pick-up at your local Walgreens.