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Creating Your Account

STEP 1.) Create Account & Login

After your funeral home adds you as an admin for your Loved One you’ll receive an email with your username (email) and temporary password.

On your computer, go to (or download PICLIF from the app store) and click “Login” in the top right corner of the page. Here you can sign in with your email address and your temporary password.

Funeral Home Director Login to PICLIF

Once logged in please change your password to keep you account secure.

Changing Your Password on the Website
Login to . Click your profile image in the top right corner of the page. Click “Change Password” to create a new password.

Changing Your Password in the PICLIF App
Login to the PICLIF app on your iPhone or Android phone. Open the side menu and click the gear icon in the top left corner. Click “Change Password” to create a new password.

Add Memories

You can add pictures of your loved one from within the mobile app or on 

STEP 1.) Find Your Loved One

Once logged into PICLIF, you’ll see your loved one saved under “My Loved Ones”. You can also search for them by name within the app.

STEP 2.) Upload Pictures & Memories

Click “Add Pictures” or “Add Memories” to upload pictures and memories of your loved one. Since you are the family admin your uploads will automatically be approved and added to your loved one.


Sharing your loved one with others lets your friends and family know that they can upload pictures and memories of your loved one, creating a life timeline of your loved one that will celebrate their life.

Within the PICLIF app of on, on your loved one’s page, click the “Share” icon. This will pop up your native share options on your phone, allowing you to share your loved one via social media, text message, email, and more.

PICLIF Share A Loved One

Approving Pictures

Click “Approve Uploads” in the menu to see pictures and memories that have been added for your loved one. Here you can approve a picture – adding it to the timeline for your loved one, or deny a picture – not allowing it to be see in your loved one’s life timeline.