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with pictures and memories from


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What makes this better than the other memorial videos?

  • The Funeral Director created this in 60-seconds
  • Family & friends can upload as many pictures as they want
  • The family now has pictures that they’ve never seen before
  • Printed pictures are scanned using our app, not a scanner
  • It can be played and viewed without an old-school DVD player

Why Should You Offer PICLIF At Your Funeral Home?

Save time, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your business.

PICLIF Funeral Home Memorial Video

Give Your Clients Something Special

PICLIF helps your clients bring together every memory of their loved one, creating a meaningful and impactful service.

Your Funeral Home. Their Memories. Instant Memorial Video.

PICLIF automatically creates a beautiful memorial video to play at the viewing.

Funeral Home Memorial Video using PICLIF

Create a memorial video to play at your funeral home in less than 60 seconds!

Small Features With A Big Impact

We pay attention to the small details that create a great experience for everyone.

Your Funeral Home is Displayed with the Memorial Video!

Their Story, Everyones Memories

Attendees can download the free PICLIF app or use their computer browser to upload pictures and memories.

PICLIF Memorial Videos for Funeral Homes App


Every funeral home that uses PICLIF is sent a welcome kit that includes everything you need to get started! Brochures for your lobby, instructions for your directors, instructions for the family, and more! The welcome kit is designed to get your staff prepared in a matter of minutes, meaning they can focus on their clients, not technology.


We know you don’t have time to spend with new tools and services. We setup your account and you’re able to start using PICLIF in a matter of minutes!

Our team is here for you and your clients. We provide direct support to all of our customers and our users. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Direct Support for Our Customers and Yours

Ready To Make High-Quality Memorial Videos?

Create your first video 100% for free and then for only $17 each.

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