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New Customer Getting Started Guide

Playing a Memorial Video with Google Chromecast

Adding A Loved One

STEP 1.) Create Account & Login

Once your PICLIF license is active you’ll receive a welcome email containing a link to finish creating your account. Click this link to complete the new account process. Once your account is set up you can log in and start using PICLIF.

On your computer, go to and click “Login” in the top right corner of the page. Here you can sign in with your email address and the password that you used when creating your PICLIF account.

Funeral Home Director Login to PICLIF

STEP 2.) Add A Loved One For A Family

After logging in click the “Add A Loved One” button. Enter the following information for the new loved one:

  • First Name and Last Name of the deceased person
  • Birth Date and Death Date
  • Email Address(es) and information of the family members using PICLIF (Note: You can enter more than one email address.)
  • Optional: Enter the viewing date and times
  • Optional: Upload a main picture of the loved one (Note: The family admins can also add this picture).

Funeral Director add a Loved One In PICLIF for their Funeral Home

STEP 3.) Add A Family Admin To Approve Pictures

If you add a Funeral Director they will be able to upload images themselves and also approve uploads added by others.

Family Administrators are able to approve pictures that are uploaded for the loved one. Pictures will not be displayed for the loved one until the family approves them. Pictures uploaded by Family Administrators will automatically be approved. You can add multiple family administrators for a loved one.

To add a Family Admin, on the “Add a Loved One” page click 

Here you can enter the Family Admin’s name and email. Once added they will receive a welcome email with their username and password.

Adding Pictures

STEP 1.) Go To The Loved Ones Page

Go to the Loved One’s page either by searching for their name or clicking the “View Loved One” link next to their name on the administrator menu.

STEP 2.) Upload Pictures

Click “Add Pictures” to upload pictures for the loved one. You can upload multiple pictures at a time. Note that pictures uploaded by the Funeral Director or the Family Admin will automatically be approved. Pictures uploaded by others will need to be approved from the “Approve Uploads” menu before they can be included.

Playing Slideshow

Play your automatically created slideshow of your loved one at a funeral home funeral service

Playing PICLIF at the funeral service is very easy. The slide show is automatically created and ready to be played at any time. 

STEP 1.) Connect Your Computer to Your TV

OPTION A.) Wirelessly With Chromecast
Stream Wirelessly From Your Computer to TV with Chromecast. Chromecasts are available to purchase, please contact your PICLIF Sales Rep.

Play Slideshow during a Funeral Service wirelessly with PICLIF and Chromecast

Using Chromecast allows you to play the PICLIF slideshow without physically connecting your computer to the TV. To set up Chromecast, all you need is a TV with an HDMI port, a Wi-Fi connection and Google’s Chrome browser (click here to download the Chrome browser).

View Our Video On How To Setup Chromecast 

View Our Video On Play The Video Using Chromecast

Connect Your Computer to a TV with an HDMI Cable

Play a slideshow at the Funeral Service with PICLIF and an HDMI connected computer

If your laptop or desktop has an HDMI output available you can easily connect it to any HDMI TV to display your screen onto the TV.  Simply connect your computer to the TV, set the TV to the right input so that it shows your computer screen, and you are ready to go!


Once your computer is displaying on your TV you are ready to play the slideshow.
Log into, search for the loved one you’d like to play, and click Play Slideshow.
Play your PICLIF slideshow at the Funeral Service at the Funeral Home

Add A Funeral Home Director

On your funeral home admin page, click the green “Add Funeral Director” button. Here it will ask you for basic information to add a funeral director account. They will be emailed their credentials to login and get started.

Add a Funeral Home Director to your PICLIF account for your Funeral Home

Brochures & Handouts

PICLIF Welcome Kit for Funeral Homes and Funeral Home Clients

Your Welcome Kit includes brochures for your Funeral Home lobby, instructions to get started, and instructions for the family to use PICLIF.

If you need more brochures and handouts we’d be happy to send you more. Please contact your sales rep or contact us for more information.